Das OSZE zur Vote électronique in der Schweiz

Das OSZE hat die National- und Ständeratswahlen im letzten Jahr überwacht und im Bericht u.a. das eVoting bewertet. Die m.E. interessantesten Ausschnitte:

[...] there are no mechanisms for the voter to verify that their vote has been cast and recorded as intended or to protect against possible manipulation such as voter coercion, family voting, or vote buying.

While the cantons are ultimately responsible for the administration of their elections, they seemed to rely entirely on external operators for the implementation of internet voting. In general, cantons appeared to have no technical experts of their own to oversee or test their systems beyond basic functionality and usability checks.

The Federal Decree on Political Rights requires that internet voting systems, and any changes made to them, be certified by “an independent body recognized by the Federal Chancellery.” To date, no such body exists and the required certification has not taken place.